Canon PIXMA MG7720 Scanner Drivers Software

Printers now have various types and specifications. In case you are planning to buy new printer, it is necessary to get some kinds of information about the device. This will be helpful in helping you choosing the most suitable printer. As for the reference, you can see the details of Canon PIXMA MG7720. The printer is good option of personal printer. This has various features that surely will give you convenience in handling documents. That is why it is good to know more details of the printer.

Canon PIXMA MG7720 and Its Useful Features

When it talks about features, the printer has many of them. Even if it is a personal printer, it does not mean that you will get limited benefits. In fact, various good things can be found in this compact device. For example, the printer already uses 6 individual ink tanks. Mostly, inkjet printers use two cartridges for black and color ink. There are also tanks that have five colors. In this case, the device brings something better with 6 colors and the tanks are separated. This is able to provide richer colors in printing photos and images. Moreover, it helps you in case you want to replace or refill the ink since you only need to focus on the empty ink tank without replacing all of them.

Then, Canon PIXMA MG7720 gives you various accesses of connections. You no longer need to depend on USB cable anymore. Even if it is still available and possible to use in this device, it is not the only option. You now can print remotely since it supports wireless printing feature. You can connect the PC and printer by using wireless connectivity in your house or office. This enables you to use the device even if you are not next to the printer. Moreover, it supports NFC. You can directly print the files by tapping the device that supports NFC. This is useful in case you have files in your phone or mobile devices. If they support NFC, it is possible to print directly.

Canon PIXMA MG7720 and Its Great Performance

The features mentioned above is not all things that can be found in this printer. There are still more useful points offered by this, such as its multifunction feature. In fact, the printer is not only for printing, but it works as scanner and copier at the same time. This is like complete package in single device. As for its printing speed, it reaches 15 images per minute for mono printing. For color printing, it is up to 10 images per minute. Then, you are able to get borderless photo. For size of 4 x 6, it can be printed in around 21 seconds with resolution up to 9600 x 2400 dpi.

For copying, you do not need to worry about its speed. First color copy is ready in around 19 seconds. It needs time to scan the document first, but after that the copying speed is not too much different from its printing speed. In addition, you can resize your copy results starting from 25% up to 400% of the original size. When it is not enough, you are able to get two-sided copy feature to copy on both sides of paper. Regarding its scanning performance, you are able to scan in resolution of 2400 x 4800 dpi. When it uses the interpolated resolution, it is enhanced up to 19,200 x 19,200 dpi. With all of these great things of Canon PIXMA MG7720, working with documents is easy to do.

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