Canon PIXMA TS3120 Printer Drivers Setup

Everyone wants to have best device. This also works when they are looking for printer. They need device that will help them excellently in every work that they do. In this case, Canon has various selections of printer that will be reliable devices in handling documents. Canon PIXMA TS3120 becomes one of the nice devices. This is going to be good personal printer, and it comes with various features. The performance of the printer is also great enough to make the users satisfied. In this case, it is great to see the device deeper to know some information about it.

Useful Features of Canon PIXMA TS3120

Currently, people need something called complete package. When they look for new things, they think that that it will be great to find various functions in single device. In this case, the printer may answer the expectation. This is a printer, but its function is not only for printing. In fact, it is a multifunction device, so it can work as printer, scanner, and copier. The built-in scanner on the device allows it to provide the function of scanning and copying. Of course, these three functions are necessary in dealing with document, and now these are found in single device.

Then, Canon PIXMA TS3120 already supports nice connectivity. This is not like the old printer in which people have to use the USB cable whenever they want to print. Now, they can forget the wired access since the printer supports wireless connection. The USB may still be necessary, especially in case of installing the device. Once it is fully ready to use, users can forget the cable, and they are able to print wirelessly. It means that they gain remote access as long as the device is connected to the printer. This is very convenient to use, and printing from different room is now possible to do by using the wireless access of this printer.

Good Specification of Canon PIXMA TS3120

The features above are surely useful. However, these are not the only things offered by the printer. In fact, the performance of the printer is great and it is something that will become additional reasons of choosing the device. In this case, the printer brings good performance, especially in term of its printing speed. The printer is able to print mono documents up to 7.7 images per minute, and then the color printing speed is up to 4 images per minute. For a personal printer, this is more than enough. Moreover, printing photo is possible to do. A borderless photo of 4 x 6 size can be printed in around 65 seconds. The result is awesome since its printing resolution is up to 4800 x 1200 dpi.

Since it is multifunction printer, the copying and scanning performance should also be included in to discussion. Copying speed is almost similar to its printing speed. In this case, the first copy will be ready in less than 27 seconds. When it is for mono copy, it can be faster. Moreover, users are able to do duplex copy with this device. As for scanning function, its scanning resolution is up to 600 x 1200 dpi. This supports the wireless scanning, so the result can be stored wirelessly to the connected device. These features and specifications surely are the reasons that make Canon PIXMA TS3120 a good partner in dealing with the documents.

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