Canon PIXMA TS702 Inkjet Printer Drivers

Choosing good printer is important. When someone is going to buy new device, good consideration must be made so there will be no disappointment in the future. In this case, there are many kinds of products. Many brands release printers with different models and specifications. As one of the leading brands, Canon also has various types of printer that will answer the expectation of users. Canon PIXMA TS702 is one of the printers. This is great device that can become good device for personal uses. Even, it still can work well when offices use the printer.

Great Features of Canon PIXMA TS702

This printer provides some interesting features. The device already supports current technology that will help users in accessing it. For example, the printer can be activated by using voice command. It is possible to ask the printer to print files just by saying some words. This can happen since the printer is connected to the Amazon Alexa and also Google Assistance. These two are the ones that will help the printer to run the function just by receiving the voice command. The printer can be adjusted and connected to these options of home assistance.

When feature of voice command is not enough, Canon PIXMA TS702 also provides some options of connectivity. The printer does not depend on USB cable anymore for connecting the device to the computer. This already supports wireless connectivity, so users can use the Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth. Then, Canon has developed some apps that can be installed in the mobile devices, so it later can be more useful in case users want to use direct access from the smartphone and tablets. These all surely make things accessible. Now, printing remotely is very possible to do, so users do not need to plug the USB cable anymore whenever they want to use the printer.

Performance of Canon PIXMA TS702

In term of performance, its printing specification provides excellent works. The printer has good printing speed. Its printing speed for mono document can reach 15 images per minute. Then, its color printing speed is up to 10 images per minute. This speed is more than enough to save enough time in printing documents. Even, printing photos can be performed. This is able to print 4 x 6 borderless photo, and it will only take around 21 seconds. In term of quality, there is no need to worry since the printer has separated ink system, and there are 5 inks used by the printer to provide more vivid and greater graphic quality.

Then, the printer supports duplex printing. This is feature that allows the users to easily printing on both sides of paper. This is going to be useful in case users want to save the paper consumption. When they print on both sides of paper instead of using single page for each document, this is going to save up to 50% of paper consumption. Then, the printer provides paper tray that can handle up to 350 papers, so it is not necessary to reload the paper too often. With these features of Canon PIXMA TS702, working with documents will not be big problems anymore.

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