Canon PIXMA TS8120 Manual Drivers Software

Multifunction printer is what people look for nowadays. Single function is no longer the favorite since now people need more functions whenever it talks about jobs related to the documents. Instead of using additional device, it is great to have more functions in single devices. In this case, Canon answers the expectations of the users, and the brand releases many multifunction printers. Canon PIXMA TS8120 is one of them. This is nice printer that can be great partners in handling documents. Of course, multifunction is not the only point that makes this printer interesting. There are more interesting points that can be found from the device.

Useful Features of Canon PIXMA TS8120

Accessibility is one of the useful features offered by the printer. The devices provide users with some access in case they need to print documents. It is not only regular access in which users need to use the USB cable. In this case, users are able to print easily since it has SD Card memory reader. There is card slot that allows users to print the documents directly. There is 4.3” LCD with touchscreen access that will make it easier to find the files in the SD card, so later it can be printed directly.

It is true that the USB cable is no longer the access provided by the Canon PIXMA TS8120. In fact, the printer already supports the wireless connection in a form of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. These two accesses allow the users to print conveniently and remotely. Even, they are able to print from different rooms as long as the printer is connected wirelessly to the computer. To make it more convenient, there is mobile printing feature. Users can install the software to the mobile devices, and later it allows direct printing access without transferring the files to the PC first before they are going to print them.

Excellent Performance of Canon PIXMA TS8120

Those features are surely helpful. Then, it is going to be more interesting since the printer has excellent performance. This is not only great device to print documents, but it is good to print photos and pictures. There is Six Individual Ink System that becomes the main reason. The printer has richer colors of ink option, and it will create better printing quality when it prints photos and images. Moreover, it has printing resolution up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. These combinations will create excellent printing results.

In term of printing speed, it is awesome. A borderless photo in size of 4 x 6 can be printed in less than 17 seconds. Then, for printing mono document, the device is able to print up to 15 images per minute. When it prints colorful document, the speed becomes slower, but it is still fast enough since it reaches 10 images per minute. As for its copying speed, the first copy in ready in around 19 seconds, and the overall copying speed is similar to its printing speed. There is also access to resize the results of copy with scaling starting from 25% up to 400% of the original size. In scanning, Canon PIXMA TS8120 can provide resolution up to 2400 x 4800 dpi. There are also more features that make the printer so reliable.

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