Epson ET-15000 Inkjet Printer Drivers

Printers now have many features. These features are provided to bring more benefits for the users. However, it sometimes also makes users confused when it comes to choose right printer to use. There are many products of printer, and each of them may seem good enough to become partners in working with documents. In this case, having good references of printer is useful. Epson ET-15000 becomes one of the nice options to choose. The printer provides you with good benefits, and it still brings some good points regarding its performance.

Ink Efficiency of Epson ET-15000

One of the good points regarding this printer is found in its ink efficiency. Ink always becomes the concern for the printer users. Most of them surely do not want to run out of ink when they have to print some documents. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to predict and estimate the remaining ink in the cartridge. In this case, the printer gives the solution. It will be very easy to determine the amount of ink remaining in the device. This does not use cartridge anymore for the management of the ink. You are able to check the ink easily by seeing the ink tanks.

The good news is that Epson ET-15000 has separated tanks for different colors. This is great in term of efficiency. In case the ink runs out, users only need to deal with the empty thanks without replacing the whole colors. Then, this provides efficiency since the printer provides bottles of ink refills. Each bottle of replacement will be enough to print up to 6000 pages. It is also easy to refill the ink since it is accessible, and it will not require much effort to do it. Moreover, the use of separated tanks for each color will provide richer colors in case users want to print color pages, even photos and pictures.

Good Performances and Functions of Epson ET-15000

In term of performance, mostly it is determined by the printing speed. In this case, the device is able to provide quite good printing speed. For printing mono document, the printer is able to print up to 17 pages per minute. Then, for color document, it can print up to 9 pages per minute. Moreover, this supports 2-sided printing feature, so users can print on both sides to save more papers. For mono 2-sided printing, it takes 7 pages per minute, while the color printing is around 5 pages per minute.

Moreover, the printer is actually multifunction printer. This provides access to use the device as printer, scanner, copier, and even fax machine. For its copy speed, the mono copying speed reaches 11.5 pages per minute, and the color copy speed reaches 5.5 pages per minute. In scanning, it provides optical resolution up to 1200 dpi. It can be enhanced by using interpolated resolution up to 9600 dpi. The resolution will be enough in case you want to scan documents. Even, photos or images can be scanned in good results with this resolution. As for its function as fax, the memory provided by Epson ET-15000 can handle up to 100 pages.

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