Epson ET-16500 Manual Drivers Software

When someone looks for new printer, they surely will look for the best one. There are surely many options. Each of them may seem interesting in term of design or appearance. However, choosing printer is not enough just by considering the appearance. Features and performance still become the main consideration. In this case, there is recommendation from Epson. Epson ET-16500 can be picked as recommendation. This is a multifunction printer that serves functions for printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. Moreover, there are great features to find in the device.

Good Ink Management of Epson ET-16500

Ink management provided by Epson for this printer is surely something great. In the box of this printer, people already get enough ink capacity that approximately can last for 2 years. It is estimated that the provided ink is enough to print up to 10,500 pages of mono document or 11,000 pages of color documents. These are more than enough to make sure that users will not need to worry about running out of ink.

In addition, the printer does not use the cartridge anymore for its ink management. Now, Epson brings ink tanks, and there are 4 colors. The colors are located in separated ink tanks. In term of ink management, this is something great since it enables the users to only deal with the empty tank in case the ink runs out. Moreover, separated ink can bring better printing quality. Then, the manufacturer provides ink bottles to refill, and these are more affordable compared to the options of replacing cartridges as what is found in other printers.

Nice Speed of Epson ET-16500

In term of speed, Epson ET-16500 provides good speed for its printing and copying performance. For printing, the mono printing speed reaches 18 pages per minute, and its color printing speed is up to 10 pages per minute. Then, the printer supports 2-sided printing that will help users to save more papers in printing. For this feature, mono printing speed reaches 8.7 pages per minute, and the color printing speed reaches 6 pages per minute.
As for copying, the copying speed is actually not similar to its printing speed. It is because the process requires scanning step before copying the document. In this case, mono copying speed is up to 16 pages per minute, and the color copying speed is up to 8.8 pages per minute. It also provides copy quantity up to 99 pages. As for sending faxes, the speed is up to 33.6 kbps. With this speed, each page of document only needs 3 seconds to be sent. As for its scanning performance, this works in resolution of 2400 dpi, but it still can be enhanced with interpolated resolution up to 9600 dpi.

Printing Wirelessly with Epson ET-16500

Next, the printer brings feature of wireless printing. This is great benefit for users who need easy access of printing while they are working. When it is not possible to stay next to the printer, this feature is very helpful. Users only need to connect the printer and PC or laptop by using wireless connection, and they will be able print remotely. Even, it supports mobile printing. There are some apps that can be installed in the mobile devices, and it will allow users to print directly in Epson ET-16500 by using the device without transferring the files to PC.

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