Epson ET-16650 Wireless Printer Drivers

Technology of printers keeps improving. Now, printers have various features that will help the users. Many interesting products of printers can be found, and Epson ET-16650 is one of them. In term of function, the printer can provide function for printing, copying, scanning, and even faxing documents. Then, this already supports wireless printing for people who need easier access when they want to print remotely. These are still not all of the features offered by the device. There are still more interesting things provided by this for all users.

Good Paper and Ink Control of Epson ET-16650

The printer from Epson with the code of ET in its model is famous for its ink management. The printer no longer uses cartridges as the storage of ink. Now, there are tanks to replace the function of cartridge, and it provides better ink management and controls. This allows users to easily check the remaining inks without making prediction or depending on the notification that may be less precise. Then, it allows easier access to refill the tanks. It is no longer necessary to replace the whole ink, and users only need to focus on the empty tanks.

In term of paper handling, Epson ET-16650 also has something interesting. The device provides more options of paper sizes. Legal up to A3 paper sizes still can be handled by the printer. Then, it provides paper tray. There are front paper trays, and these provide enough capacity to store up to 500 pages of paper. With this, users do not need to worry in case their printing process is interrupted due to running out of papers. Moreover, it makes users need less frequency of preparing the papers. They only need to place the papers in the tray, and they are able to print conveniently.

Nice Performance of Epson ET-16650

As a printer, the speed will always become the concern. The features can be useful, but it may be less interesting when the printer cannot print the documents quickly. Then, most printers give different speed for the mono and color printing speed. In this case, this printer is quite different. The printing speed is great, and there is no different between the mono and color printing speed. The device can print up to 25 pages per minute. To make it more convenient, the manufacturer provides 2-sided printing feature. It allows users to print easily on both sides of paper. The speed is also quite good since both mono and color printing speeds reach 21 pages per minute.

Since it is type of multifunction printer, the other functions should get attention. For its copying function, the copying speed is up to 23 pages per minute for both mono and color copying speed. By using the device, users can make copies up to 99 pages, so it is very convenient. Regarding the scanning performance, its basic optical resolution is up to 1200 dpi, but there is interpolated resolution that will improve the resolution up to 9600 dpi, so it is good enough to scan photos. As for its function in faxing documents, Epson ET-16650 provides enough memory capacity to store up to 500 pages of document.

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